Fully Automatic FRT-A

With amazing speed and consistency, this fully automatic machine is able to transform cuts of meat into attractive case-ready products. Its ease of operation and versatility allows adjustable spacing, number of ties,
belt speed along with other features to suit your tying preferences.

Special Features

  • Non-slip infeed & outfeed conveyorsFRT_A_SB_Farbe
  • Pneumatic grippers for optimum product control
  • Vertical side belts to form & hold product
  • Interlocked removable catch tray prevents deposits, residues or product – srcaps soiling the floor  or the inside of the machine
  • Tool free belt removal/replacement
  • Non-contact product sensors
  • Wear-free AC Servomotors
  • Automatic reset of knotting unit and ring
  • Smart motion controller with LED displays
  • Up to 60 strings/min
  • Selector for single, double, triple tying
  • Selectable twine distances
  • Length measuring system
  • Variable belt speed up to 20mtr/min
  • Also available with side knotting unit



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