Tying Machines for the Food Industry and Retail Trade

Thanks to the quality, durability and innovative technique of the FR series, SIEBECK is the worldwide market leader in tying technology. On all continents SIEBECK tying machines help to design the processing of food more efficiently and economical.

Regardless of whether prime cuts, chicken, roulades, classic roasting joints and much more. There are hardly any limits to what the FR series food machines can do. The modern hygienic design combined with the reliable JET knotting unit guarantees an ultra-hygienic processing, simplest cleaning with low maintenance and an unrivalled durability.

Verschnürmaschine (Tying Machine) SIEBECK FRT A


Fully automatic tying of meat products in different length and thickness.

Verschnürmaschine (Tying Machine) SIEBECK FRT MF


A tying machine with the most versatile possible applications: chicken, roasting joints, roulades etc

Verschnürmaschine Fleisch (Tying Machine) SIEBECK FRT-S


Tying machine with side unit – designed for cured, marinated and coated meat products.

Verschnürmaschine (Tying Machine) SIEBECK FRS

FRS Minityer

Tying machine especially for the meat counter. Table model with excellent cost/performance ratio.