Tying Machines for General Use in a Variety of Industrial Branches

With the tying machines of the JET series from SIEBECK, you have the only 100 % natural alternative to strapping-, banderoling- and stretch-wrapping machines. Regardless of whether packages, cardboard boxes, textiles, magazines and much more, you can bind completely free of plastic with cotton twines. With the ecological cotton twine, your product can be bound optimally and without plastic, is thereby long-lasting and provides a high quality look.

There where other solutions reach their limits, SIEBECK tying machines distinguish themselves, thanks to the flexibility of the genial JET knotting unit and the variety of tying materials. Regardless of whether you want to bundle bar goods, coils or small and sensitive products without pressure marks and indentations, SIEBECK has a solution for you.


The entry into the world of tying. Whether round or rectangular packages, soft or hard packed goods, there are almost no limits for the S42EN.



The specialist for long products. Whether bars, tubes, strips, etc., length is irrelevant with the models of the T series.



With the JET-IN you can bind coiled goods such as cables, V-belts, seals, hoses and much more, fast, firm and resource-friendly.



There are hardly any tasks that cannot be mastered fully automatic, reliably and 100 % ecologically by the JET-A50S.